Below are just some of the top medical device companies and cutting edge products we are proud to offer to our customers.


Orthofix products treat patients before, during and after surgical procedures, making possible a more active and mobile lifestyle. As one of the world's leading orthopedic companies, Othrofix spine care solutions help surgeons respond with the best treatments available to enhance clinical outcomes, including Spinal Implants, Spine Fusion Stimulators, Biologics and Spine Bracing.



The Phoenix MIS screw body has a unique implant design for percutaneous and mini open approaches to spinal fixation. The MIS body has a built-in instruments tower which can be removed after assembly of the implant construct. The design permits a smaller working diameter and thereby helps reduce the surgical incision. Learn more >



The Firebird™ Spinal Fixation System is well suited for applications in Degenerative Disc Disease, Minimally Invasive, and many Deformity procedures. This Mono and Multi Axial system provides an exceptional selection of screw bodies and bone screws with a double lead bone screw thread offered in Self-Tapping/Standard tips and Cannulated/Solid configurations. Additionally, the Firebird System meets a multitude of demanding surgical needs with its innovative, aesthetic and ergonomically designed instrumentation. Learn more >


Trinity Evolution

Trinity® Evolution™ is an allograft of cancellous bone containing viable adult stem cells and osteoprogenitor cells within the matrix and a demineralized bone component. Trinity Evolution offers an ideal alternative to autograft and other bone grafting options (without their drawbacks).

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotential, capable of responding to their environment to differentiate into a variety of cells as needed. When implanted in patients, MSCs and osteoprogenitor cells do not stimulate an immune response.

Trinity Evolution is processed by the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality tissue. Every step, from donor screening to cryopreservation and pre-release testing, is designed to maximize cell health and ensure patient safety. Learn more >


Bone Growth Stimulators

Cervical-Stim® offers the security of proven, safe and effective bone growth stimulation to significantly increase the rate of cervical fusion success in high-risk patients.

It offers the comfort of an external device that patients tell us is the most effortless treatment they have ever experienced. Not to mention the comfort enjoyed with improved clinical outcomes: In a PMA study of 323 high-risk ACDF patients, 84% achieved fusion within six months using Cervical-Stim vs. 69% for those who did not receive treatment. Additionally, the data from this study prove for the first time that fusion has a positive effect on VAS and NDI clinical outcomes after ACDF.

Since 1990, more than 200,000 spine fusion patients have healed with bone growth stimulation from Orthofix. We brought you the first and most effective external bone growth stimulator for lumbar fusion, and now offer you the only FDA approved device to increase the rate of cervical fusion success.

Spinal-Stim delivers the highest success rates in bone growth stimulation for spine fusion and nonoperative salvage. In fact, 92% of patients receiving Spinal-Stim adjunctively have achieved fusion success. When treating failed fusion with Spinal-Stim, 67% of patients achieve successful fusion with no additional surgery. Spinal-Stim offers:

  • Proven Field Coverage
  • Risk Factor Coverage
  • Guarantee Program
  • Insurance Acceptance
  • FDA Approved Models for Both Cervical and Lumbar Spine

A Complete Spine Line

A true leader in Spinal Implants, Orthofix offers a full full line of implants for all the patient’s needs, from the Occiput to the Sacrum.


Some of our Other Partners

Choice Spine X-Spine Systems Centinel Spine


Breg focuses on 360 degrees of customer care and attention with a comprehensive line of spine, leg, knee, elbow, wrist, foot, ankle and shoulder braces. We also provide the latest in sports braces and support.



From braces and supports that improve stability and relieve pain, to cutting edge prosthetic limbs that offer the closest prospect yet to replicating natural motion, Össur’s products represent the latest and best in orthopaedic design.


Scarlett Medical also carries a complete line of all of your DME and Othotic needs.